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The consistent use of a standing frame can be beneficial for a student’s overall health, learning, and social integration. We encourage the use of standing frames for our students who need more assistance and support to assume an upright position as part of their educational program. Standers can provide the following:

1.     Opportunity to experience an upright standing position in an upright well-supported posture.

2.     Develop weight bearing and head control.

3.     Reduce deformities of the trunk, pelvis, and limbs.

4.     Improve joint range of motion.

5.     Promote hip integrity and minimize threatening hip subluxation.

6.     Encourage visual, proprioceptive and perceptual experiences in varied positions against gravity.

7.     Enable communication with peers, teachers, and family in play or social activities at standing level.

8.     Develop upper extremity and hand function in upright standing posture.

9.     Contribute to the prevention of bone density problems.

10. Offer physiological benefits for bladder, bowel, circulation, and respiration by position change. (Levitt 205)


Source: Levitt, Sophie. Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Motor Delay. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

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