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The only place where potential is not only recognized and expected, but is emphasized and maximized. The holistic approach at Avalon offers social, emotional, intellectual, and physical stimuli which is integrated in every aspect of the program. Families are supported and always made to feel part of the team.
— Maureen Kiely, RN, Parent

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The Avalon Academy was founded by three women dedicated to providing appropriate education and therapeutic opportunities to kids with cerebral palsy.  Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for their sons, Annie Noonan and Lynette Mullens teamed up with Kinga Czegeni, a special education teacher and movement-based therapist.  Together, they developed a vision of a school which addresses all areas of need for children with movement disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Started in January 2005, The Avalon Academy embodies that vision with a comprehensive program for affected children of all ages.  A team of special education teachers and therapists provides developmental support for communication, academics, motor-skill use, social and emotional interaction as well as recreation.  The students thrive in every aspect of their lives, and families can have peace of mind knowing their children are being nurtured by professionals who are not only knowledgeable but compassionate.


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Kinga Czegeni began her journey at Avalon as a professional, but continued it as a parent. In 2014 Kinga’s toddler son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Expressive/Receptive Language Delay. Her decades of experience in special education became vital when developing an intervention program for him. She turned to the specialists at Avalon and her community for help, and was profoundly touched when she saw her son’s progress. As a parent, Kinga gained insight into not only the emotional turmoil that parents experience, but the great peace that comes from knowing that your child is well taken care of.

After having her son receive services from the specialists at Avalon, Kinga realized that the holistic philosophy and compassionate spirit of Avalon’s therapists could benefit a much larger population than what they were currently serving. She urged her colleagues to consider sharing their expertise and high quality intervention skills with the greater community. After much thought and professional consultation on how to best meet this goal, Avalon Therapies opened in July of 2018 and quickly succeeded in providing life-changing treatment to individuals with a wide range of diagnoses and complex needs.