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Transition to Adulthood

transition to adulthood


We care for our students from the moment they enter and never stop. From day one, our program seeks to prepare our students for life after graduation.  Our transition-age students participate in meaningful vocational, social, recreational, and academic activities based on their personal interests. All routines seek to build upon functional, social, self-determination and daily living skills that can eventually transfer into serving the greater community.  


School-Based Routines

When students begin to approach graduation, their team of service providers (i.e. Speech-Language Pathologist, Special Education Teachers, Physical Therapist) collaborate on developing a vocational routine that is based on the students’ interests. Parent aspirations and input are deeply valued and always considered.

Community-Based Routines

Integrating our students into the community is a top priority. As students gain more practice with their school-based routines and become familiar with expectations, their routines are adapted to involve the community outside of The Avalon Academy. We seek to support our students in being successful with a wide variety of communication partners across multiple settings. We are constantly looking for opportunities for them to participate and interact with local businesses. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with The Avalon Academy.

Some of our current community-based routines include: Dog Walking and Volunteering at PHS/SPCA