Speech-Language, AAC, Feeding

Speech-Language, AAC, Feeding



We provide evidence-based, individualized intervention for children and adults with a range of communication needs, including social communication challenges, speech and language delays and disorders, and autism spectrum disorder. Our intervention emphasizes a play-based and naturalistic approach. Individual and group therapy sessions are available.

Conversation Club

Conversation Club is a specially curated, project-based social group designed to improve social-pragmatic skills. Each child is matched with a group of similar-aged peers who complement each other's interests, skills, and areas of need. Each session focuses on group activities that target various skills, including collaboration, leadership, effective ways to compromise, the rules of conversation, problem-solving and flexible thinking.


Augmentative and Alternative Communication

We provide therapy for individuals with complex communication needs who require AAC. Our intervention is multimodal and aims to build communicative competence so AAC learners can most effectively and efficiently express their needs, wants, thoughts, and preferences. We collaborate with families and caregivers to design and implement AAC systems that work for a variety of settings.



Our feeding therapy program provides intervention for individuals who would benefit from improved oral sensory motor, swallowing and feeding skills. Intervention goals include safe and healthy eating patterns, and establishing and expanding positive eating experiences. Therapy is client-centered and executed in a nurturing, playful and joyful manner.

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