Workshops / Private Lessons / Consultation

"The workshop exceeded my expectations. I personally experienced the movement process. It was excellent.”
Susan |  Parent


Avalon holds periodic workshops for parents and caregivers. A variety of topics are explored, such as handling techniques to better manage the care of our students at home. Lifting techniques are also demonstrated to help protect caregivers from associated musculoskeletal injuries. Avalon plans to expand these workshops and become a leader in the field of caregiver training.


Avalon also offers private movement-intervention lessons as well as Functional Synthesis lessons in the Anat Baniel Method® for children of all ages, regardless of enrollment in the regular school programs.


As a specialist in cerebral palsy and related motor disorders, Avalon provides training and consulting services to school districts and their staff. We offer support to classroom teachers, special education teachers, inclusion specialists, OTs, PTs, SLPs, APE specialists, and instructional assistants. We also assist school districts with assessments of orthopedically-impaired students and in the development of appropriate IEP goals and objectives.

The Avalon Academy has provided training and consultation services to School Districts and other specialized motor-development programs in other states. Due to logistics, out-of-area services, however, are provided on a limited basis.