MISTS™ of The Avalon Academy

"Kinga is a highly-skilled teacher with extraordinary vision, commitment and drive.”
Dr. Neil Sharp, MD

Movement Integrated Special Teaching System (MISTS™) of The Avalon Academy has developed from Kinga Czegeni’s almost two decades of unique experience studying, researching and working in Europe and the United States in special education with children with cerebral palsy and related conditions. Kinga has created a program that reflects best practices from several modalities including Conductive Education, the Anat Baniel Method® and studies at San Francisco State University Special Education Department.

Avalon prides itself on having an innovative movement intervention program that is inspired by the Anat Baniel Method®, a cutting-edge scientific approach to safely enhance movement, coordination and create new possibilities for children with cerebral palsy. This approach is adapted to a real-world, multidisciplinary, group-based educational setting. As MISTS™ is tailored to individual student needs and outcomes, it is continually evolving and not limited by any particular methodology. Each student is empowered to develop at his or her own pace for the best possible outcomes.

This humanizing approach has created a non-competitive, vibrant and nurturing community which benefits not only the students, but also their families and the staff at Avalon.