“The Avalon Academy is more than a school, it is a community. It is a place where students, teachers, parents and siblings come together to begin the journey of possibilities.”
Karen | Parent

The Avalon Academy was founded by two parents of children with cerebral palsy – Annie Noonan and Lynette Mullens – and a special education teacher, Kinga Czegeni. Frustrated by the fragmented educational and therapeutic opportunities available to children with cerebral palsy in California, this group decided to become an agent for change.

Annie, Lynette and Kinga developed a vision of a unique school in California which addressed all areas of need (including communication, academic, motor-skill development, recreational, social and emotional) for children of all ages with disorders such as cerebral palsy. Central to this idea was the creation of an environment in which children would thrive and be happy, and where families would have peace of mind knowing that their children were in expert and caring hands.

This vision became reality in January 2005 when Avalon first opened its doors.